Apres 2in1 LED Nail Lamp

  • $349.99

Meet the only nail lamp as innovative and revolutionary as our Gel X tips.

Our beautifully designed 2 in 1 LED lamp is not only stylish but extremely functional. Cordless, rechargeable, and with a detachable flash cure wand, this lamp can do it all. Whether you’re flash curing charms on a client or flash curing a tip on yourself, the detachable cure wand will make the job easy and effortless. The lamp also can be customized to reduce heat spikes with a gentle 45 sec preset timer with a gradual power upswing. Built with high quality LED bulbs, our lamps are built to be acetone resistant and long lasting. This is sure to be the staple of any Gel X nail station.


-Cordless and rechargeable
-Main unit holds a charge up to 75 minutes and detachable cure wand holds a charge up to 5 hours
-Preset timer with button-lock function of 5, 20, 30, and a gradual power upswing 45 seconds to reduce heat spikes
-36 watts- powerful enough to cure most LED gels in 30 sec
-Additional USB port to power external devices
-Built in handle for on-the-go ease
-Pedicure-friendly with removable base plate
-One year warranty