CND - Radical SolarNail 1 gallon

CND - Radical SolarNail 1 gallon

  • $235.25

CND introduces their Radical SolarNail sculpting liquid. The liquid reinforces the enhancements on a client's nail. It creates a long-wearing barrier that is crack-resistant and durable. Because it is a liquid it is extremely easy to sculpt to each individual nail size to prevent and chipping.


  • Can Be Applied to Nails on Both Hand and Feet
  • Creates Durable Long Lasting Nails
  • Features Special Ingredients that Encourages Formula's Adhesion to Natural Nail

Additional Details

Professional Product
Item Name: CND - Radical SolarNail 1 gallon
Manufactuer: CND
Type: Acrylic
UPC: 639370025056
SKU: CNDM-025056
Weight: 4400 grams - (9.7 lb)
Condition: New